Generic Design from Scratch


Adding elements and dragging

Designing from scratch starts by adding (for example) two connector shapes and a generic path that will join them together. After adding you can drag them to where you want.

Connecting elements

Connectors and paths can be connected by dragging an end of a path. When the path end gets close to a connection point on a connector, a green indicator on the connector appears, meaning the path is ready to connect to the connector. Note, there are possible five angles of connecting.  This way it is possible to set for example 45 degree angle.

Unterminated Location

If the end of a path is left unconnected it will automatically create an unterminated location. A location letter is automatically assigned, this enables the ability to specify options at the unterminated end e.g. wire marking, tinned ends e.t.c..

"Y" Shape

You can fork a design into many branches. There is currently a limit of 49 locations per design. Connectors and Unterminated ends are assigned by upper case Latin letters from "A" to "Z" and then by lower case Greek letters form "α" to "ω".

The path is a generic "route" for later specifying wire types used on that path. The path defines the relation between two locations.