Cables intended to be connected to devices

More complex cable designs can contain devices, these are useful for identifying where will be connectors or unterminated cable ends will be connected. 

For example connectors A and C will be connected to one device, connector B to another device, and the unterminated location (with forks) will be connected to the third device.

To add a device it is needed to go to Options and click the "Add Device" button. A white rectangle will be added to the canvas with a predefined name. This represents the device. There is also a possibility to have an [ADD DEVICE] toolbar button by setting that in options.

Device Options

Each device box can be coloured in six colours. It can be also be named. Device names must be unique.

What is connected to the device

Dragging devices near connectors and vice versa determines what is connected to what device. The device locations are listed in the second text row in the device rectangle.