Import pinout from the CSV file


Preparing CSV files for pinout import

For CSV files it's possible to use Excel, Open Office or any other office editor. Generally there are four layouts of pinouts:

The simplest not twisted pairs should be filled in the spreadsheet in the two adjacent columns:

When there are pin names together with the links, they should be written on the left and right side of the links:

Twisted pairs contain "blocks" of data. The number of columns in a block indicates the number of twisted cores in a group. "Blocks" need to be split vertically with an empty column:

Similarly the twisted pinout with pin names are contained within the "blocks":

Exporting and uploading the CSV pinout

Save the file from the office editor with the .csv extension.

In the linking page the wiregroup that is going to be linked has an import button.

Limitations for linking from the CSV file:

Examples of files which will fail to import:

The detailed warnings will be displayed for the each situation.

During CSV linking, if there are existing links, they will be skipped and a warning will appear.

If the twisting (in the CSV file) doesl not correspond to the twisting in the wire type selected, links will be made, but the "twisting information" will be lost.

CSV link importing is not available for unterminated paths