Inserting Sub Assembly into an existing or new drawing.

Saved designs can be inserted into a drawing as many times as it is needed, e.g. the same Sub Assembly can be inserted multiple times. Use "Sub-Assemblies" in the Options dropdown list.

It is also possible to have a visible menu bar button for the Sub-Assemblies by enabling in Options.

After clicking on the button, the list of your designs will be displayed:

Sub Assemblies which have been hidden won't be displayed.

When a sub-assembly is inserted, the two designs are combined. The location letters are updated. If the maximum number of connectors (56) would be exceeded (by inserting an assembly), the new sub-assembly insertion will fail.

It is now possible to continue the design, i.e. connecting by a path between the two sub-assemblies.

The Ghost Connector

Pinouts for a sub assembly linking to a known connector can be pre-defined by using the Ghost Connector.