Terminal Blocks


Selecting terminal block type

Terminal blocks can be added similar way as standard connectors. First it is needed to go to the connectors page and select the Terminal Blocks tab. A Terminal Blocks table displayed.

Sorting or filtering of the terminal blocks are possible. There is one new feature in this table - Filtering Logic.

Terminal blocks backshells are treated differently than with standard connectors. The default list with blocks already contains the versions with or without backshells, it is always titled as an "Unshielded". So then in the main page selecting a backshell is disabled. Example graphics:

Linking signals with terminal blocks

Connecting pins works very similar as with standard connectors, though there are some differences for Terminal Blocks. Graphically connectors are now displayed as a generic grey rectangle. Pins for linking are the terminals screwlocks. Often there is one extra pin used only for grounding, although it is also possible to link it with signals, it is under the designers control. Over the terminal block there are two buttons for defining the type of the core wires that will be screwed to the terminal. They can be two types: tinned or one of the ferrules. This selected option can be set for each path and graphically it will be displayed with additional graphic.