The Ghost Connector


The Ghost Connector is a companion functionality to Sub-Assemblies.

Where is it useful.

An example is to have a standalone "real" connector and insert a predefined sub-assembly, that contains one special connector called "ghost", it is displayed, but greyed out. The "ghost" connector is created by a click on the connector options and selecting "Ghost".

After clicking the "Insert Ghost" button:

The connectors that can be mounted (they need to be the same type and orientation) will be marked with a blue line:

The B connector is the "ghost", the A connector the real one. If the real connector A will be clicked, it will merge both, to one connector location.

The result of the operation is this:

The "ghost" connector has been disappeared, but all its dependencies (pinout, grounding etc.) are now moved on the "real" connector with the letter A.