Unterminated End Types


Types Panel

When linking unterminated cores, a panel with types of pins e.t.c. is shown at the top of the page. When we state unterminated, we mean cut or tinned ends AND single pole connectors or pins.  By default "Tinned" is selected.  The second simple type is "Cut". Next there are four groups of pin types, these have drop down menus showing all the pin types e.t.c.

The dropdown list has a shortened name-code that is also displayed later in the datasheet.  The first three letters indicate the type group: FER (ferrules), TER (terminals), CON (Single pole connectors) and PIN (Pins).

Selected Type

After selecting an end type, this end type will be used for any pins selected manually or by the autolinker.

Type edit

For changing the end type of already linked cores, select the green dot next to each core graphic. Pressing the dot will cause a change to the type that is predefined in the types panel. For example if FER0001 is selected, then clicking on the dot next to the second core, it will change its type from the previously linked tinned type to the ferrule type.

The cross symbol if for deleting the link.